Wednesday, July 27, 2016

MyGiftCardsPlus Family Fun Weekend Promo

Summer weekends are perfect for having fun and spending quality time with your family! This weekend, MyGiftCardsPlus is offering Cash Back deals on gift cards you can use towards some family fun!

Snag a deal on a fun local attraction or activity from Groupon, order a pizza from Domino's and have a family game night, go see the newest family movie at an AMC theater, or catch up over a meal together at Applebee's.

Here's everything you need to know about the MyGiftCardsPlus Family Fun Weekend Promotion  

Who? You and all Swagbucks users  

What? Can buy AMC, Groupon, Applebee's, eBay, and Domino's gift cards and earn cash back and a 100 SB bonus.   

Where: On Swagbucks' sister site MyGiftCardsPlus  

When: July 28th to July 31st 

Why: To earn more SB and get closer to your next free gift card!

MyGiftCardsPlus offers cash back bonuses when you purchase gift cards, and the cash back is paid in the form of SB points good for popular gift cards or PayPal cash. This weekend they're offering an extra 100 SB Bonus* in addition to the standard cash back on select gift cards. There are so many fun things to do as a family, take advantage of this deal to make this weekend one to remember! Start Shopping Now!

*The SB Bonus Offers apply to one gift card purchase per following merchants: Groupon, AMC,  Applebee’s, eBay,  Domino’s.  This offer expires at 11:59pm PST on July 31st.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Old Navy Bonus Days

Old Navy offers great low prices, plus tons of deals and ways to save. Get your back to school shopping done early, treat yourself to a shopping spree, or buy gifts for friends and family! From Thursday, July 21st through Sunday, July 24th, MyGiftCardsPlus is offering their highest Cash Back amount yet: 20% Cash Back* on all Old Navy Gift Cards.**

MyGiftCardsPlus allows you to buy gift cards to over 100 of your favorite merchants, and receive valuable points called SB with every gift card you purchase. You can then redeem your SB at their partner site for FREE gift cards and even PayPal Cash!

Click here to get started and quickly create a Swagbucks account. Afterwards, you’ll be prompted to go to MyGiftCardsPlus where you can buy your Old Navy Gift Card. Once you make a purchase, you’ll link your accounts and your SB points will be available on Swagbucks.

In the future, whenever you buy Gift Cards from MyGiftCardsPlus, you’ll earn more SB points for more free gift cards!

*Cash Back is paid in the form of SB points good for popular gift cards or PayPal cash.

**This offer expires at 11:59pm PST on July 24th or while supplies lasts. Limit $500 per member for duration of promotion. Any Old Navy purchases after the $500 mark will not receive the promotional Cash Back amount.. Your SB will credit when your electronic gift card is delivered. Cash back will be paid in the form of SB.

Friday, July 15, 2016

The Cost of Being A Ghostbuster

According to a recent survey of Swagbucks members, over 30% weren’t afraid of no ghosts and would be willing to pursue a career as a Ghostbuster! Pretty surprising though, considering all the positive press Ghostbusting has been getting in preparation for Ghostbusters debut in theaters July 15th. However, the real costs of bustin’ may put it outside of their price range even if you save on movie tickets with a Fandango Gift Card…

Jumpsuit – $29.99 – The most affordable part of Ghostbusting, even if you shelled out a little extra for patches and name tags.

Startup Fees – Approx. $2,000 – Starting a new business is never cheap. The Ghostbusters operate out of The Big Apple, one of America’s most expensive cities.

Custom Hearse – $7,000 – The new Ghostbusters are rolling in style with a custom 1980’s Cadillac Hearse. You’ll have to spend extra for all the bells and whistles.

Firehouse Rental – $910,600 – You can’t be a true Ghostbuster with no HQ! Unfortunately, leasing costs are pretty high in Tribeca, where the building from the 1984 film still stands.

Proton Pack $20,000,000 – Those hefty backpacks worn by the Ghostbusters are basically unlicensed nuclear accelerators, and those do not come cheap. Might be time to take out a small business loan.

Master Containment Unit – $14,000,000,000 – The closest you’ll get to a working model is ITER, an international large-scale science experiment to build a fusion generator. While it’d be strong enough to hold a ghost, it’ll also do quite a number on your bank account.

Proton Wand and Muon Trap – $125,000,000,000,000 – Ignoring the fact that stable antimatter doesn’t exist in our universe, the price of antimatter is $62,500,000,000,000 per gram, and we’re guessing that it’d take more than 2 grams of antimatter to catch and hold a ghost indefinitely.

Total Cost = $125,014,020,919,629.99 Now that’s expensive! I don’t want to slime all of your hopes and dreams but I think it’s safe to say you’re better off sticking with your day job. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop dreaming and what better way to dream of Ghostbusting then enjoying a night at the movies with a Fandango Gift Card

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

MyGiftCards Plus July Favorites

Ah, July! Between Independence Day, picnics, BBQs and family vacations, it may be the best month of all! To make it even better, at MyGiftCardsPlus we’re setting off fireworks with our July Favorites promotion!  

Earn Cash Back* + 100 SB Bonus when you purchase eBay, Southwest, Old Navy, Groupon, and Lowe’s Gift Cards from MyGiftCardsPlus!**  There is a gift card for everyone.  Remember gift cards make a great gift as well and you will be find that perfect gift card at MyGiftCardsPlus!  Happy Shopping and Saving.


*Cash Back is paid in the form of SB points good for popular gift cards or PayPal cash. 

**The SB Bonus Offers apply to one purchase per gift card listed above (eBay, Southwest, Old Navy, Groupon, and Lowe’s). This offer expires at 11:59pm PST on July 17th. Your SB will credit when your electronic gift card is delivered.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Christmas in July? It's Real!

Did you know that Christmas in July is a real thing? People are already saving up for the holidays, and the online rewards site Swagbucks surveyed its members to learn more. Check out these fun facts and start YOUR holiday saving today!        

In case you haven't heard me talking about them already, Swagbucks is the fun rewards program that gives you free gift cards and cash for the everyday things you already do online. You can conveniently earn points (called SB) when you shop at your favorite retailers, watch entertaining videos, search the web, answer surveys and find great deals. Redeem your points for free gift cards to your favorite retailers like Amazon or Walmart, to name a few, or get cash back from PayPal!   

One of the best parts is that it costs you nothing to join and be a member! You decide how to earn, and you can do it at home or on the go (using their mobile apps)! Join today and start earning for December - it'll be around the corner before you know it...

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Winning Combination-Swagbucks Coupons and Gift Cards

One thing I like to use my online earnings is to help save money on my budget.  One thing I like to do to help save money and make my money stretch further is combine my Swagbucks, InstaGC or other online site gift cards with coupons from Swagbucks!

Think about it, you get to save money by using your gift cards or PayPal cash AND you get the opportunity to earn more Swagbucks by using coupons while shopping!  Plus you get the automatic savings of the coupon while shopping.  I just went shopping at Walmart and I was able to save $4.25 automatically while using the coupons I printed from Swagbucks plus I get to earn Swagbucks back for using the coupons.

For every coupon that you print and redeem at Walmart, CVS, Walgreens or other place you have the opportunity to earn 10 Swagbucks.  I have printed mine both in color and black/white and they have always been accepted with not issues.  It may not seem like much but if you do a lot of shopping every little bit helps especially when you have a house to feed and clean.

To access coupons on Swagbucks click on shop along the left hand side of the homepage.  On the next page you will see Grocery Coupons as an option along the left hand side.  You will be able to choose from a variety of grocery coupons that also includes a variety of cleaning supplies.

If you do your grocery shopping at Walmart make sure you enter your receipt on the Walmart Savings Catcher.  The Walmart Savings Catcher can be found on the Walmart App or  It compares prices and if a lower price is found you get the money back on a gift card!  Win Win situation!

*Coupons can take up to 12 weeks to credit and unfortunately sometimes you don't get the 10 Swagbucks, but you still get the instant savings when you use them in a store.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

InstaGC Information for Newbies!

What it is

InstaGC is a GPT (get-paid-to) website where you can earn gift cards and cash in exchange for watching videos, testing apps, shopping, and completing tasks and surveys. 

How it works

  • Surveys – InstaGC typically lists a fair number of surveys available at any given time. If you attempt some and get disqualified, you will still be awarded one point. This doesn’t sound like much, but daily, this can add up.
  • Complete Crowdflower tasks – rack up points by completing small Crowdflower tasks. Simply follow the instructions, and earn points for doing small things such as data entry, internet research, etc.
  • Offers – download programs and software and earn additional credits.
  • Listen to music - After each 30 minutes of listening, you will receive a code for 3 points. Double-dip by completing other offers on the site while listening!
  • Search the web – use InstaGC’s search engine in place of what you currently use, and earn additional points every day.
  • Partake in trials – sign up for trial offers where you can try out a product or service for a set time period (such as one week). Earn points for your participation.
  • Visit websites - Earn easy points just for visiting different websites from advertisers on the website for short periods of time.
  • Watch videos – Watch short videos and earn additional points.
  • Sign up friends, and earn more – refer your friends and earn 10% of any earnings that your referrals earn (outside of InstaGC tasks as well as bonuses received). Additionally, earn 10 bonus points for each person who signs up and confirms their account and is from Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, or United States.


As the name implies, InstaGC offers gift cards to its members as a reward for their participation. In most Western nations, a wide selection of gift card options is available including ones for use on Groupon, at BestBuy, Starbucks, Amazon, and more. Amazon gift cards are available in USA, Canada, UK, and most European countries. Overall, gift card selections are best in these countries.
As of early 2016, InstaGC added cash as a redemption option. You can now exchange your points for cash payments made via e-check, PayPal, or bank transfer (if you're in the USA). Cash payments carry a small processing fee which is waived for your first monthly cash redemption.
100 points = $1 US/CAD, 160 points = 1 pound, 130 points = 1 Euro, though conversion rates are subject to change. Watch out for “sales” on gift cards where your points can go even further.
Alternatively, you may choose to donate your points balances to great charities including the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

InstaGC is a great choice for fans of gift cards and cash rewards

InstaGC has awarded almost 500,000 gift cards since their inception in 2011. They have over 180,000 Facebook fans and on their Facebook page, as well as Twitter feed, they regularly post “bonus” codes for free points. Adding the ability for members to convert their points into cash payments has made them a competitive GPT website.
Eligibility: InstaGC is open to residents worldwide 18+ and eligible minors who have obtained parental permission.