Wednesday, November 21, 2012

GiftHulk Newsletter and Fountain of Youth Code

Below you will find the current GiftHulk Newsletter that contains a FOY code!  Not a member ofGiftHulk?  Join Here!

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Black Friday Madness

At GiftHulk!

We have something very special and insane prepared for you - Black Friday GiftHulk Madness!

Stay out of the overcrowded shops and get your Online Shopping spree ON with GiftHulk!

We will do our best so it will be easy and fast for you!

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Black Friday
Get prepared!

So what will happen?

 Over $500 in Instant Gift Cards will be given out in the GiftHulk Treasure Box andGiftHulk Search!
 Special Black Friday Payment Cycle – all the prizes redeemed at the GiftHulk Store before November 23, 2012, 8:00 am EST – will be sent out on Black Friday!
 You will get 20 Hulk Coins for every referral that will join GiftHulk during Black Friday!
Black Friday
Join the Madness!

And more!

Special Facebook Promotions – check out GiftHulk Facebook on Black Friday for a chance to win prizes and codes!
Some special promotions have already been launched! 
 Extra-Large Black Friday Search Wins – as all the usual Search Wins, they will be totally random! Imagine what it feels to win 100 Hulk Coins for a simple search!
 Special Bonus Bars!
Enter the Giveaway!

Black Friday Giveaway closes today!

Did you already enter the Black Friday Giveaway?
Did you get all 30 possible entries?
There will be plenty of winners this time! And they will get:
$25 Amazon Gift Card!
$10 Amazon Gift Card!
Three $5 Amazon Gift Cards!
5 Permanent Treasure Keys for 10 users – Total of 50 Permanent Keys!

Fountain of Youth
Get the Code!

Newsletter Fountain of Youth Code!

Special Newsletter Fountain of Youth Code:

Enter "blackfridaynewsletter" at the Fountain of Youth and you will be awarded 5 Hulk Coins!

Valid for the first 10000 users!


  1. Hi there,

    I just found your site and it's awesome! As a college student myself, I find myself in the same situation, which is a little extra cash now and then.

    I wasn't sure where I could mention this, but I think you should create some sort of a "Dailies" section. You seem pretty well organized, but this would push this site over the top.

    What I mean by a "Dailies" section is a section that basically spells out what to do on each site, each day. Then have the regular home page as updates.

    Since I have used Swagbucks before, I can give you an example of that. Swagbucks have also added a feature on the homepage that is sort of like this. Such as the daily swagbuck you earn from using the toolbar, answering the daily poll, etc.

    I have yet to find a site that does this, and it would be extremely helpful.

    Additionally, since you use sites I am not yet familiar with, it would help with learning a new site.

    *Full disclosure* This is my referral link for a new site, PrizeZombie. I have yet to earn a GC yet, and it's still in its BETA stages, but it is something you might want to give a shot.


    1. ***in need of*** a little extra cash...

      and my referral link:

      Who knows, it might be promising.

    2. Thank you for you suggestion. I will definitely look into adding a Dailies section. I am really busy right now as I am not a college student but have a full time job. As far as Prizezombie goes, I am actually on it but I don't like advertising the sites I use until after I receive payment from them so I know they are legit and can let people know how long it took me to earn enough points. I also like to know how long the prize takes to be delivered.