Thursday, December 27, 2012

12/27 GiftHulk Newsletter and FOY Code

Below you will find the current GiftHulk Newsletter that contains a FOY code!  Not a member of GiftHulk?  Join Here!

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10,000 Hulk Coins


There will be plenty of winners! And they will get:
1 Winner will get 2,000 Hulk Coins!
2 Winners will get 1,500 Hulk Coins each!
3 Winners will get 1,000 Hulk Coins each!
4 Winners will get 500 Hulk Coins each!

Just a reminder – Amazon $5 Gift Card is worth only 439 Hulk Coins!
Enter the Giveaway!
Hulky Weekend
Learn More!

Special Hulky Weekend!

Hulky Weekend will start on Friday(December 28) and continue through Saturday and Sunday(December 30)!

Extra-Large Hulky Weekend Search Wins
 – as all the usual Search Wins, they will be totally random! Imagine what it feels to win 100 Hulk Coins at GiftHulk Search/Search Plugin/Toolbar!
20 Hulk Coins for every referral - for limited time only, hurry up and Invite your friends!

And more - learn more in "Special Hulky Weekend Returns!"
New Giveaway!

Christmas Giveaway is Over!

Christmas Spirit Giveaway is over and the winners have been contacted or will be contacted soon!

Congratulations to all the winners - we hope we made you holidays even brighter!

Don't forget to join our new 10,000 Giveaway!
Get Tapporo at Google Play!


Don't forget about our reward app - Tapporo! Currently available for Android only, soon on iOS!
Earn rewards from your mobile device - easy and free to join!

Tapporo is open to all the users worldwide! Invite your friends from all over the world and earn up to $0.6 from each user invited!

Be Rewarded. Anytime. Anywhere.
Fountain of Youth
Get the Code!

Newsletter Fountain of Youth Code!

Special Newsletter Fountain of Youth Code:

Enter "giveawayandtapporo" at the Fountain of Youth and you will be awarded 5 Hulk Coins!

Valid for the first 10000 users!

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