Friday, May 24, 2013

GiftHulk Fountain of Youth Code and Update

Newsletter Fountain of Youth Code!

Special Newsletter Fountain of Youth Code:

Enter "newgifthulk" at the Fountain of Youth and you will be awarded 5 Hulk Coins!

New GiftHulk
The following information is from GiftHulk Blog
Completely new design! Easier on the eyes and much easier to navigate!

My Reward Box™ All your important and personal messages in one place, on the main page!We will help you to earn and redeem faster and easier!

GiftHulk Sweepstakes- entry-limited and time-limited.Want to get your prize almost without any effort? Now you can try your luck! :)

All the prizes from now on will be valued the same!$5 Amazon will be worth the same as $5 PayPal, and $15 will equal 3*$5 gifts! This is done after careful thought and listening to our users.
However, such change means that some prizes will go down in price and other will go slightly up: ALL PayPal gift card will cost you less!
$5 gift card will cost slightly more that it is now, but $15/$30/$60 Amazon gift cards will now also cost you less.

The value of Hulk Coin will change- to make the accounting easier. Everything will be multiplied by *10 – prizes, the amount of Hulk Coins you get from offers and surveys, etc.
The best part? It will not affect your accounts – all your existing Hulk Coins will be also multiplied by *10!

Change of referral model- from now on, anyone subscribing at GiftHulk using your Referral Invite Code or referral link – will grant you instant Hulk Coins bonus! When they will earn over certain amount of Hulk Coins – you will get even bigger bonus!
There still will be no limit on referrals amount, but the maximum amount that you can earn from each referral will be fixed.
Because of the referral model change – all referral links will be reset. Existing user will not be able to enter each others referral codes.

Search Model Change – no more Temp Bans and no more “hoping to win”!
Each GiftHulk Search user will earn a fixed amount of Hulk Coins for searching – Once an Hour, Every Day!

Treasure Box will be changed to a new game feature- where You will control your luck!
We can’t tell more that that until the launch, so you will have to try it by yourself! :) In addition – your wins will be 10% bigger if you will turn on New Social Feature!

GiftHulk TV- Facebook login is deprecated and non-US users will also be able enjoy GiftHulk TV(a slightly different version)!
GiftHulk TV was upgraded to a much faster and easier-to-use version!
Also, USA users will now enjoy 200-video limit!

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