Thursday, June 13, 2013

GiftHulk Changes and Updates

GiftHulk recently came out with new updates that changed their homepage, games, rewards and GiftHulk TV.  

Here is a screen shot of the new homepage.  
On the right hand side you will see your prize goal.  Mine is currently set for a $5 Walmart Gift Card.  It keeps me updated on my progress.  Below that is my Invite Code and the featured Sweepstake.  The Sweepstake is like a lottery.  I can buy chances to win the Sweepstake using my Hulk Coins.  

GiftHulk also now has Daily Goals.  Each day users have a different goal to reach.  If they reach the goal they earn a bonus.  In my picture the goal is 500 HC with a bonus of 50 HC.  

Everyday that you complete the Daily Bonus Bar will punch a nice little hole in your Weekly Punchcard.  At the end of each week you will get an extra bonus if you had enough days punched.                                                                                                                                                                                      If you get 5 days in the week you will receive 100 Hulk Coins.  Reaching the goal 6 days will earn you 150 Hulk Coins and 7 days is 250 Hulk Coins. Order does not matter 

You can win 4 HC on searches once per hour. It is important to make sure that you make legitatment searches and click on the search results.  If you search too soon in the next hour you still win but the win doesn't count towards the daily goalRight now for a limited time you can win 10 HC per search instead of 4.
Another major change on GiftHulk is the removal of the Treasure Box.  They replaced the Treasure Box with a Guess the Card game.

Every day you get 5 free chances.  You can use your Hulk Coins to purchase more chances.

There are three different variations you can play.  One variation is guessing the suite (Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, Club) AND the rank (2, 3, 4,... 10, J, Q, K).  If you do this correctly you will win 50 Hulk Coins.  Another variation is guess just the rank (2, 3, 4,... 10, J, Q, K).  If you do this correctly you will win 10 Hulk Coins.  The last variation is guess the suit (Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, Club)  If you do this correctly you will win 4 Hulk Coins.

If you get a Joker during the game you win 100 Hulk Coins automatically.  You can also win Fountain of Youth Codes and Wall Boosts while playing this game (even if you are wrong).

The prices of rewards have also changed.  In the past all the $5 prizes were different prices along with the $10, $25, and $50.  GiftHulk has now made it easier by making all prizes of the same value the same price.

$5 prizes=5,000 Hulk Coins
$10 prizes=10,000 Hulk Coins
$25 prizes=25,000 Hulk Coins
$50 prizes=$50,000 Hulk Coins

GiftHulk TV
The last change I am going to mention is GiftHulk TV.  You still need to watch 10 videos per round like in the past.  For every round you complete you will earn 10 Hulk Coins.  You can complete 20 rounds of GiftHulk TV per day.

On Special Round you will earn more than 10 Hulk Coins.
TV Round 5- 40 Hulk Coins
TV Round 10- 50 Hulk Coins
TV Round 15- 60 Hulk Coins
TV Round 20- 90 Hulk Coins 

If you want to join GiftHulk and you are not a member please Click Here!  

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