Sunday, January 29, 2012

Swagbucks-Hourly Winner

Swagbucks has a feature that is called Hourly Winner.  Ever hour a new user is selected at random to win 1000  Swagbucks that can only be claimed within the hour being announced.  In other words, to win the 1000  Swagbucks you need to actually be chosen and you need to claim the 1000  Swagbucks in the same hour.  You will only be choose the hourly winner if you are logged into  Swagbucks.

I have always been skeptical about winning the 1000  Swagbucks from the Hourly winner since there is a very slim chance of actually being chosen the winner and then even a smaller chance of actually seeing it within the hour.  Well, today all of that skepticism is now gone as I finally was choose to be the winner but I was able to claim it thanks to some friends notifying me on Facebook!  In the image below you will see me choose as the Hourly Winner and the 1000  Swagbucks added into my account! 

If you want to have a chance of being the Hourly Winner you need to sign up for  Swagbucks!  To sign up for Swag Bucks, Click Here!  What are you waiting for? Join now!

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