Wednesday, October 17, 2012

InstaGC Free $1 Amazon Gift Card and $5 Walmart Payment

One of the awesome things about instaGC is that they give away Amazon Gift Card codes and Promo codes in their chat box.  Usually I am always busy doing an offer on instaGC or not quick enough to redeem them but last night I was able to get a free $1 Amazon Gift Code!  One of the mods of the chat posted the Amazon Gift Code but took off the last letter in the code.  When I went to redeem it I had to keep guessing the last letter until I got it!  (It was "w" if anyone cared)

Here is a screen shot of how it looked on instaGC.  

You can win your own Amazon Gift Card free by joining and being active!  Remember all gift cards are delivered instantly after you redeem them from instaGC so there is no waiting around!

Here is also my 2 most recent cash out of a $5 Walmart eGift Card!  Notice the dates and remember I cashed out for another $5 Walmart eGift Card on the October 5th.

Don't keep thinking to yourself, how do i get walmart gift cardJoin instaGC now and earn your Walmart gift card now!

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