Friday, October 12, 2012

Jingit Ads Update (Links Updated)

This is a reminder that there are ads available for JingitJingit is a rewards site where you are paid money to watch advertisements for companies.  The money can be put on your Jingit debit card and is added within seconds. 

Right now there are Jingit ads for Elmers Glue, and Jello.  The Elmers and Jello ads can be found on the Walmart site or at this link.  The Jello ads can also be found on this link!  Today I was able to watch 4 Jello ads for $0.25 each! You will see a spot for the S'mores ad but I have not been able to get them to work today so if they do start working please let me know!  The Jello ads can also be found on the Jingit website.  

There are also check-ins available for S'mores, Jello, and Snickers (hopefully there will be an ad soon) where you can earn additional money by scanning products at a Walmart store.

If you purchase the item you are also able to do check-ins at home for those products but you need first scan the products at Walmart and then purchase the products.  

Join Jingit now and start earning your free cash!

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