Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Instant Gift Cards

There are a lot of sites that take many weeks to earn and receive your gift card.  With Instant Gift Cards you don't have the wait as the gift cards you redeem are INSTANT!  On Instant Gift Cards you can have many choices for gift cards from Amazon to Walmart to Best Buy.  Besides being INSTANT the gift cards are as low as $1 for Amazon and $5 for many of the other cards.

Instant Gift Cards provides many ways to earn points from offer walls such as RadiumOne, Matomy, Super Rewards and Virool (which is all videos)!  They also have many other offers to choose from!

This is where to get amazon gift card or any other gift cards they offer!


  1. how many points do i need to redeem for a prize?

  2. For the $1 Amazon Gift Cards it will be 100 points. For the $5 Gift Cards it will be 500 points. For all of their prizes it is 100 points=$1.