Thursday, October 11, 2012


If you are a college student or have access to an .edu email account, I would highly suggest checking out Jebbit!  Earning money on Jebbit is simple.  When you sign up and log in you will see a dashboard.  The dashboard will show your cash balance (how much money you have currently on Jebbit), your deals redeemed, cash available (how much money is currently available for you to make) and your deals available.
Jebbit homepage with campaigns available

To earn money all you need to do is click on one of the campaigns available.  The campaigns are all worth a different amount and are available for different time periods.  Currently their is a setting where you can be emailed if you have $5 or more in Jebbit campaigns available but I always check it every day as sometimes you might have a couple campaigns available.

In the campaigns your are given a questions and four multiple choice answers along with a produce for a company.  Your job is to look at the product and find the answer to the question.  After correct answers cash is added to your account.

To cash out if says you need to have at least $2.00 but I have cashed out before with less so I am not sure what the exact minimum cash out is.  Jebbit only pays out to WePay.  If you are not familiar with WePay it is similar to PayPal.  It is completely secure and you will need to link your WePay account to your bank account.  Once when you cash out from Jebbit the money will go to your WePay and then automatically transferred to your bank account associated with WePay.
What are you waiting for?  Start earning free cash on Jebbit now!


  1. Have you had any luck since on the number of campaigns? Or have you just given up?

    1. I have actually been getting more campaigns these past few months. Last month I cashed out $5.42 and this month I have cashed out for $7 with another $1.51 in my account right now. I need to get in a better habit of checking it though as I have offers that are expired! I would suggest signing up if you have an .edu email address.

      The money transfer with WePay is also very simple and quick.